This spring, young filmmakers are invited to submit 4-minute films to a national competition, with the winning films being posted to the Stories from the Line website, shared with thousands of university faculty, nonprofits, advocacy organizations, and media outlets, and the filmmakers earning scholarships for undergraduate or graduate study – including a $10,000 scholarship grand prize.

Most college students – the majority of whom were raised in socioeconomically homogeneous, suburban neighborhoods – and many college graduates around the country have virtually no personal knowledge of the challenges faced by the majority of families in America who are living paycheck to paycheck.

Many college-educated Americans have grown up and live in communities as adults completely disconnected from what the majority of families deal with every day.

toya-in-front-of-restaurant_cropUltimately, we see that reflected in the media and in the way that many of our politicians talk about programs and policies that affect lower income families in America. Those misperceptions do a disservice to the incredible sacrifices that parents all over this country make for their children.

Current film students and young filmmakers from all backgrounds can play an important role in raising the level of discourse about families living at or near the poverty line in the United States.

We challenge you to identify a compelling story that upsets the traditional dialogue about individuals and families coping with poverty.

Stories from the Line offers a unique platform for filmmakers to reach outside your personal spheres or draw from personal experiences and connections to elevate an honest narrative about the everyday challenges these families face while raising their children, seeking jobs with sufficient income, caring for sick or disabled loved ones, and striving for a better future for the next generation.

Stories from the Line

Impact America will post the winning films to the Stories from the Line website and share them with thousands of university faculty, nonprofit organizations, advocacy organizations, and media outlets.  Winning filmmakers will earn scholarships – including a $10,000 scholarship grand prize – for undergraduate or graduate study.



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