Alexandra (or Alex) Symeonides-Tsatsos is a native of Reno, Nevada. She graduated from Smith College with a degree in history, specializing in East Asian and Medieval European History. While at Smith she served as a senior interviewer for the college admissions office and as the head of new students for her house. She was also elected vice-president of her school’s K-Pop Dance Crew. In high school, Alex served as captain of her school’s Lincoln-Douglas Debate Team and qualified for the national debate tournament in both Lincoln-Douglas and Original Oratory. Whenever she is in Reno, she volunteers in her mom’s 4th grade class, helping students with reading, writing and math.

What are some of your hobbies, or things you do in your free time?

I have very diverse interests!! I love drawing and making illustrations. I also am a huge fan of Korean Pop culture and usually you can find me listening to K-pop, learning dances or watching K-Drama. I also love rock climbing. I am a budding beauty guru, as I love doing makeup and hair and putting together outfits! Further, I enjoy playing video games, especially Skyrim and Fallout! I also listen to podcasts obsessively. My favorites are 99% Invisible and the British History Podcast.

Where is a particularly memorable place to which you’ve traveled?

A particularly memorable place I traveled was the Galapagos Islands. I got to see flamingos, penguins, sea lions, sharks and marine iguanas. Also,I learned so much about the animals and the amazing history of the Islands.