Returning from half a year in China teaching English, Devynne previously graduated summa cum laude from Samford University with a Bachelors in human development and family science. A Colorado native with Hoosier parents, Devynne mostly grew up in northern Texas, but also lived in Germany for several years as a toddler. As an undergraduate, Devynne founded Samford’s Partners Acting in the Community Today (PACT), a student organization dedicated to connecting Samford to the Birmingham community through mutually beneficial, relationship-focused partnerships. After serving with Impact, Devynne plans to pursue a dual Master of Social Work and Juris Doctor or Master of Public Admin/Policy.

What was your most meaningful service experience or extracurricular activity in college and why?

My most meaningful service experience was, without a doubt, being an International Ambassador through Samford’s Global Engagement Office my senior year. As an ambassador, I had the immense privilege of helping international exchange students get settled at and acclimated to Samford and life in Birmingham. What made this experience so unexpectedly exceptional though is how we created our own international family. These friendships, this “family” is what makes me believe that another, better world is in fact possible and very much within our reach.

Name and describe a memorable place you’ve been.

While I was living abroad in China last fall, I had the great joy of visiting my international friends in Hong Kong on two occasions. Hong Kong is a place unlike any I have ever experienced. Imagine skyscrapers that disappear into the atmosphere, more people of all colors and languages and shapes on one small island than you’ve ever encountered in your entire existence, and breathtaking mountains and waters and flora to rival the most beautiful places on earth. There the old meets the new, the East meets the West, tradition meets change—the city is a blend and hybrid and mash-up glory all its own.