Kelly Likos, originally an Alabama native, spent most of her childhood in Tennessee before returning to Birmingham, AL to attend high school. Kelly graduated from the University of Alabama in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in anthropology, a concentration in medical anthropology, and a minor in French. During her time at the University of Alabama, Kelly volunteered as a teacher for the Anthropology is Elemental program. This program traveled to local schools once a week to teach anthropology to elementary school students. After her work with Impact America, Kelly hopes to further her education with a Master’s of Public Health or a PhD in Medical Anthropology. Kelly hopes that through her education she can take an active role in research on health and socioeconomic disparities.

What was your most meaningful service experience or extracurricular activity in college and why?

During my time in college, my friend and I wanted to create a more substantial way to give back to a local food pantry so we created the Harvest Community Drive with the idea of collecting canned foods for a month and ending the drive with a celebration. Through the celebration we were able to increase involvement with the food pantry and educate the community on issues of food inequality. We managed to pull this beautiful event off two years in a row, bringing in over 4,000 cans the second year. This will forever stay in my mind as one of the most meaningful conjunctions of creativity and service that I have ever been a part of.  

What do you like to do for fun?

I love to listen to podcasts of all different kinds. I enjoy hearing people’s stories and learning with them! I also enjoy cooking and trying new foods or recipes. I love making foods that can be shared with others or can represent a culture. Like podcasts, food can tell lots of stories about people. On nice days, I love to be outside. Hiking, kayaking, or just going for a walk can really make the day for me!