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Stories from the Line

Xavier >

Xavier knows that there are a lot of negative perceptions about his Memphis neighborhood and the people who live there.  And yes, his neighborhood has its share of problems -- but there…

Stories from the Line

Stories from the Line UAB Course >

Campus: The University of Alabama at Birmingham Instructors: Michele Forman, Director, Media Studies Program; Jared Ragland, Adjunct Professor, Department of Art & Art History Course Description: "Incidentally, part of a photographer's gift should…

Media and the Press

In America, Only the Rich Can Afford to Write About Poverty >

Ehrenreich, B. (2015-08-06, The Guardian): Barbara Ehrenreich discusses the flaw in modern journalism that allows only financially secure writers to cover poverty because the expenses are too great for struggling writers. This problem is also reflected in the nearly nonexistent coverage of poverty in the press: less than 1% of American news coverage is devoted to poverty.

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