Impact University: Predatory Financial Practices

Predatory Financial Practices

Broke, USA-From Pawnshops to Poverty >

Rivlin's book chronicle the early roots of the subprime meltdown and explores any number of other brilliant, if not diabolically brilliant, ways businesses have devised to grow very, very rich off those with decidedly thin wallets. He additionally profiles individuals fighting against the increasing corporatization of American society.

Predatory Financial Practices

No Slack: The Financial Lives of Low-Income Americans >

Barr's analysis of America's recent financial crisis traces the history of its causes, and identifies the continuing influences of these forces on both financial structures and individual behavior. The most vulnerable, Barr contends, continue to shoulder our collapsed financial system.

Predatory Financial Practices

Insufficient Funds: Savings, Assets, Credit, and Banking Among Low-Income Households >

As editors, Blank and Barr invite cross-disciplinary thinkers to approach the question: What forces deny access to financial responsibility for low-income households? This volume reconfigures notions of poverty, revealing inevitable--sometimes invisible--tensions between our citizenry and financial structures.

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