Broke, USA-From Pawnshops to Poverty

Book: Broke-USA

Title: Broke, USA-From Pawnshops to Poverty. Inc.-How the Working Poor Became Big Business

Author: Gary Rivlin

Published: 2011

From the author’s website:

“BROKE, USA is my report from the economic fringes. In the two years I spent researching the poverty industry, I ventured to Las Vegas to hang out at the annual check cashers convention, I spent time in Tennessee with the small-town debt collector who founded the $40-billion-a-year payday cash advance industry, I met with a number of mercenary entrepreneurs who are getting tens of millions of dollars rich selling high-priced products to the country’s hardworking waitresses, warehouse workers, and mall clerks. By telling the story of the rise of the poverty business – an industry that today is larger than the casino industry – I chronicle the early roots of the subprime meltdown and explore any number of other brilliant, if not diabolically brilliant, ways businesses have devised to grow very, very rich off those with decidedly thin wallets. I also tell of a few of the more committed souls fighting back against the major corporations, chain franchises, and newly-hatched enterprises that grow fat with profits at the expense of the working poor.”

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Class and Schools: Using Social, Economic and Educational Reform to Close the Black-White Achievement Gap

Book-Class and Schools

Title: Class and Schools: Using Social, Economic and Educational Reform to Close the Black-White Achievement Gap

Author: Richard Rothstein

Published: 2004

Book Summary:

In Class and Schools, Rothstein presents an intriguing analysis of the correlation between social class and student achievement. He investigates how factors of social class, such as access to stable housing, adequate nutrition, and healthcare, influence students’ success in school. Rothstein demonstrates how these social issues perpetuate the black-white achievement gap and then presents his own suggestions for how policy makers can begin to close it.

“Rothstein has written a unique and powerful volume that needs to be read by scholars, policymakers, and practitioners who have the capacity to shape tomorrow” –Arthur Levine, President, Teachers College, Columbia University

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