A Place at the Table (Companion Guide)

A Place

Title: A Place at the Table

Editor: Peter Pringle

Published: February 5, 2013

Review from Huffington News:

“From Participant Media, the people who  brought you “Food, Inc” and Waiting for “Superman” the documentary, scheduled for March 1 release and the companion Participant Guide offer an eye-opening exploration of how we can end hunger in America, maybe even before the 2015 date set by President Barack Obama. The book is based on the documentary but it can be read as a stand-alone look at the hunger problem.”

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Confronting Suburban Poverty in America


Title: Confronting Suburban Poverty in America

Authors: Elizabeth Kneebone and Alan Berube

Published: January 13, 2014

Review from Publisher’s Website:

“In 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson declared a war on poverty.  Back then poverty was largely confined to inner-city neighborhoods and isolated rural areas. Today, the overwhelming majority of America’s poor live not in cities—but in the suburbs of its major metropolitan areas. Yet the paradigm of poverty in America, and the infrastructure for addressing the conditions poor families and communities face, has failed to keep pace with the reality of these changes. In Confronting Suburban Poverty in America , co-authors Elizabeth Kneebone and Alan Berube, take on the new reality of metropolitan poverty and opportunity in America.”

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The Working Poor: Invisible in America

The Working Poor

Title: The Working Poor: Invisible in America

Author: David K. Shipler

Published: January 4, 2005

Review from Amazon:

“The Working Poor examines the “forgotten America” where “millions live in the shadow of prosperity, in the twilight between poverty and well-being.” These are citizens for whom the American Dream is out of reach despite their willingness to work hard. Struggling to simply survive, they live so close to the edge of poverty that a minor obstacle, such as a car breakdown or a temporary illness, can lead to a downward financial spiral that can prove impossible to reverse. David Shipler interviewed many such working people for this book and his profiles offer an intimate look at what it is like to be trapped in a cycle of dead-end jobs without benefits or opportunities for advancement. He shows how some negotiate a broken welfare system that is designed to help yet often does not, while others proudly refuse any sort of government assistance, even to their detriment. Still others have no idea that help is available at all.”

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Hand to Mouth

Hand to Mouth

Title: Hand to Mouth: Living in Bootstrap America

Author: Linda Tirado

Published: October 2, 2014

Book Summary:

In this book, Linda Tirado expels the myth that people live in poverty because they’re lazy by providing a first hand account of being poor in modern America.”Linda Tirado tells it like it is for tens of millions of America’s low-wage workers,”  writes Robert B. Reich, former U.S. Secretary of Labor. “Read what Linda has to say and you’ll understand it’s not because Linda or other low-wage workers somehow deserve to be treated this way. . . The game is rigged and we must un-rig it.” Tirando’s book allows those who have never experienced poverty to visualize the life of a minimum wage worker. “I’d like people to know that we’re not stupid,” explains Tirado in reply to common perceptions of the American lower class. “Our decisions are not made, nor our lives lived, in a vacuum.”

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