Aaron Jacobs hails from Swarthmore, Pennsylvania—just outside of Philadelphia. In 2017, he completed a double major in Government and Public Policy and graduated with highest distinction from the University of Virginia. At UVA, Aaron played trombone in the Charlottesville Orchestra and worked on a variety of community service projects across central Virginia with Alpha Phi Omega. After serving with Impact America, Aaron hopes to attend Law School.

Name and describe a memorable place you’ve been.

I visited Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky during a service-based spring break trip in 2014. My group served the park by maintaining trails and assisting park rangers, but we also had the opportunity to tour the cave. A park ranger led us on a several hour “behind-the-scenes” tour. We crawled on our stomachs through narrow passageways, across rifts in the rocks, and alongside jagged edges of the cave. After the harrowing tour ended, we proceeded back to a door to exit. However, we found that the door was jammed, and we were locked in the cave. Fortunately, a park ranger on the outside of the cave eventually managed to open the door. Touring Mammoth Cave offered a unique opportunity to see a radically different landscape than anything I’ll ever experience above ground. Plus, I had the oh-so-fun experience of learning how it feels to be trapped in an undesirable location

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I wrote a senior thesis studying 20th century Virginia politics. In particular, I focused on understanding how a political machine, led by long-time United States Senator Harry Byrd, maintained power and control in Virginia for so long. I spent dozens of hours reading letter exchanges between Byrd and political officials from across the state and observed a type of political deference and gentility that is rarely seen in today’s highly-partisan era.