Andres Dueñas, born in Caracas, Venezuela with roots originating from Colombia, has called the United States his home since the age of five. As a firm believer that one’s health starts with nutrition, he achieved a B.S in Marketing with a minor in Food Science (emphasis in Nutrition) from Clemson University. Additionally, he spent three years as an undergraduate interning under two Registered Dietitians, gaining valuable insight into the everyday practices of emerging Americans. However, this insight is not limited to the United States as he spent a semester studying in Barcelona, Spain where he studied global marketing practices. After his time with Impact America, he hopes to further his education in order to attain a certification as a Wellness Coach via the Registered Dietetics track.


What is my biggest strength?

Adaptability. I enjoy immersing myself into new “worlds” that require various degrees of discomfort in pursuit of full understanding, especially towards the intermediate stages of mastery.

What do I like to do for fun?

While enjoying various activities, I generally entertain myself with music production, reading health-related articles, and weightlifting.

Who is someone you admire and why?

My father. Being born in the slums of the impoverished country that is Colombia, he managed to pay his way through one of the top universities in Colombia, graduating top of his class, and eventually retiring from a Fortune 100 company as the Presidente (i.e. General Manager) for the Andean region of South America. He is an all around inspiration.