Dr. Madhavi Verma is originally from New Delhi India. She moved to the United States one year ago
in August 2021 to pursue her Master’s in Public Health and MBA from the University of Alabama,
Birmingham. She is a dentist by profession and has worked in various clinic and hospital settings in
Delhi and Mumbai in India for seven years from 2012 to 2019. She has worked as a Medical officer in
the Insurance sector in Mumbai for one year from 2019 to 2020 and evaluated medical cases as per
the policy.
She graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S) from Sharda University, Greater Noida,
Uttar Pradesh. She has also completed her Bachelor in Law (L.L.B) from Children Welfare Centre Law
College, Malad, Mumbai. Currently pursuing her Master’s in Public Health (M.PH) and Master’s in
Business Administration (M.B.A) from UAB. She is currently serving as a Public Health Intern at
Impact America.

What’s something most important people don’t know about you?
I have been a part of Indian Idol contestant which is a popular singing show in India. I got the silver
medal for debate in an intercollege debate competition. I have given counseling in India and have
worked for a Non – Profit in India as well from 2020 to 2021. I have got various certifications in the
field of dentistry as well as in extracurricular activities like singing, dancing, painting, and art and