Emma Carruth, a Texas native, graduated from Furman University with degrees in Studio Art and Educational Studies. With these experiences, Emma hopes to become an Art Therapist for children with exceptional needs and long term goal is to run her own non profit. During her time at Furman she served as a Young Life Capernuam Leader, several positions in Best Buddies including Vice President, and was a member of Delta Gamma where she also had the role of e-communications.

What do you do for fun?

During my free time I enjoy spending time with my animals and biking both indoor and outdoor. Every September, I bike 200+ miles to raise money for kid’s cancer research through a non profit called the Great Cycle Challenge.

Name and describe a memorable place you have been.

While in college, I had an incredible opportunity to spend time in New Zealand and Australia. During my time in these countries I worked hands on with children to further their knowledge in the arts and they taught me the connection sustainability has to their everyday lives.