Franklin Lowe, a native of Fayetteville, GA, graduated summa cum laude from Samford University in 2016, with a BA in history, and from the College of William and Mary in 2018, with a Master’s degree in history. As an undergraduate, he studied in the University Fellows Program, sang with the Samford A Cappella Choir, and studied abroad in England, Italy, and Israel. After serving with Impact America, he hopes to stay in Birmingham and teach writing on the collegiate level, as an adjunct professor.

Name and describe a memorable place you’ve been.

Canterbury Cathedral is a heritage site, a place of pilgrimage for Anglicans and Roman Catholics, and a hub for scholarship. It is also a village of sorts – businesses, offices, a school, and homes all contained within the Medieval walls that have defined the Precincts for thousands of years. If you stay within the walls of the Precincts, you can wake up oddly early and wonder the cobbled streets and gardens of the Precincts before its ancient gates open for the public. Daffodils surround silent statues, the first rays of light warm the stones of the Cathedral, and a chorus of birds offer a prelude for the services that start at dawn.

What is your favorite quote from a book, film, or song?

In his 2017 book Holy Living, former Archbishop Rowan Williams incorporates a quote from the Welsh poet Waldo Williams, when he observes that life is all about “inhabiting a great hall between narrow walls.” For me, art museums, choral pieces, philosophical debates, long walks with friends, and getting my hands covered in dirt or paint are all reminders of the greatness of this hall we inhabit. We recognize the narrowness every day, but we must appreciate the greatness and the grandness as well.

What is your biggest strength?

As is often the case, my biggest strength relates to some of my biggest struggles and to the many ways I am continually learning, discerning, and growing…I give of myself completely and quickly. I am passionate in most ways, and I willingly give my attention, focus, creativity, affection, and intellect to projects and communities I value. I love to bring people together, to facilitate discussions, and to realize ideas – and I do so by committing myself wholeheartedly and without reservation. Sometimes, I should probably keep a bit more of myself on reserve, but helping those you love is worth a little happy exhaustion.