Ginny was born in Mobile, Alabama, and called the Gulf Coast her home for fourteen years. She moved to Montgomery, Alabama the summer following her freshman year and completed high school there. In May of 2019, she graduated summa cum laude from Auburn University, with a degree in Biomedical Science. As an undergraduate, she was involved in many service-oriented programs, including weekly volunteering with the Campus Kitchen at Auburn University, a summer internship at a rural health non-profit called Project Horseshoe Farm, and a college immersion program for low-vision high schoolers called College Quest. After serving with Impact America, Ginny plans to attend optometry school. 

What was your most meaningful service experience or extracurricular activity in college and why?

During my junior year at Auburn, I served as the president of The Campus Kitchen at Auburn University (CKAU), coordinating over 350 volunteers to complete over 40 volunteer shifts every week. The goal of CKAU is to reduce food waste and fight food insecurity in the Auburn/Opelika area. During my time as president, CKAU recovered over 24,000 pounds of food to serve over 19,000 meals to our community. Having that opportunity to give back to the community that opened its arms to me during my time in college was incredibly meaningful. 

Name and describe a memorable place you’ve been.

I had the opportunity to visit Austria two summers ago, and because I’m a big Sound of Music fan, visiting the scenes from the movie was on the top of my to-do list. There was a tour that offered that experience, and also a trip to a small town called Hallstatt. Seeing the Sound of Music sights was great, but seeing the town of Hallstatt transported me into a fairytale land. A cobblestone road nestled between the lake and the steep mountain slopes, wound through the town showcasing small shops and welcoming cafes. That day, and the aggressive swan that almost ate my toe by the lake, will never be forgotten.  

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

Despite my science background, I am fascinated with art and design. When I have the opportunity, I enjoy seeing new art exhibits and also creating things myself. The last piece I completed was a watercolor of my brother’s fiancé’s house, which she bought and renovated herself.  I had never done architectural watercolor before, so it was a challenge that I enjoyed and it was also a special gift for her.