Born and raised in Memphis, TN, Mary Kate graduated cum laude from Samford University in 2016. She majored in marketing with a concentration in social entrepreneurship and a religion minor. While at Samford, she spent a summer in Israel studying archaeolgy, served as a Pre-Ministerial Scholar, was an active member in the Chi Omega Fraternity where she was the Panhellenic Delegate, and worked with many nonprofits in Birmingham, AL. After serving with Impact America in Memphis as a Corps Member, she is now back in Birmingham working with the SaveFirst team.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

I have never been very athletic. I actually can barely catch a ball. However, in college, I was heavily involved in intramurals. At one point, I was top 50 in “Students Who Have Participated in the Most Intramurals.” But, I never actually won a championship until my senior year when I won the A-League Flag Football Championship. I played the entire game on the defensive and offensive line. While we only won 7-6, I have never been prouder of a team.

Name and Describe a memorable place you’ve been:

In Israel, about 20 km away Masada, there is an oasis amidst the desert called Ein Gedi. Leaving Northern Israel, a land surprisingly filled with rolling hills and green olive trees, and entering Southern Israel, a vast, lonely desert, is quite a visual shift. But eventually, one happens upon the Dead Sea and the sprawling oasis. Ein Gedi is filled with waterfalls, unique plant and animal life, and lush greenery bringing life to the barren backdrop.