Nate Freeman is a native of Birmingham, Alabama, and graduated cum laude from Samford University in May 2019 as a marketing major with a concentration in sports marketing. While at Samford, he served on the Brock School of Business’s Dean’s Student Advisory Council, the Student Ministry Team for Reformed University Fellowship (RUF), and was a Presidential Scholar. After Impact America, Nate plans on beginning a career in non-profit management.
Name and describe a memorable place you’ve been.
I had the incredible opportunity to go to Budapest, Hungary with my church during Spring Break 2019. The people that we met were so friendly and welcoming, the food and overall culture was amazing, and the sights were breathtaking. It was an experience that I will never forget, and I hope to go back some day.
What is your biggest strength?
Listening. I have a passion for hearing people’s stories and how they got to where they are. As a result, I think I am someone that people feel very comfortable speaking to.
Who is someone that you admire and why?
As an self-proclaimed amateur baseball historian, I have always had a deep admiration for Roberto Clemente. Not only was he a Hall of Fame right-fielder, but he also was an extremely diligent humanitarian that worked tirelessly to serve the underserved. He also did all of this while experiencing intense racial and cultural biases, being from Puerto Rico and one of the first Latino baseball players in MLB history. His life was an inspiration for me to both be excellent in whatever I do and to always be thinking about the wellbeing of others.