Peter Nielsen, born and raised in Denver, Colorado, graduated from Northeastern University in Boston with a degree in business and political science. At Northeastern, he was a member of the Club Roller Hockey team and the NU hiking and outdoor society. Before serving as a team lead in South Carolina, he served as an AmeriCorps member at Impact’s Birmingham office. After Impact, Peter plans on attending law school.

What do you like to do for fun?

Fitness and athletics are what I enjoy most, especially playing a round of golf or rollerblading, Additionally, I am an avid cook and traveler who enjoys making mostly healthy recipes in addition to the occasional extravagant cheat day meal.

Who is someone you admire and why?

Anthony Bourdain is the person I most admire. Aside from his cooking prowess, I think Bourdain was an exceptional writer and communicator who helped connect me to different cuisines and world cultures through his books and tv shows. Bourdain was admirable for his ability to overcome adversity and addiction in his life in order to broaden his own worldview and develop an unmatched level of empathy for those he met.

Name and describe a memorable place you have been.

I was fortunate to live in Munich, Germany for six months while I was doing an internship. While there, I was able to travel throughout Europe and one of the most memorable places I visited was Lake Bled, Slovenia. Nestled in the Slovenian alps, this lake was one of the most picturesque I have been to. I was able to swim in the lake with locals, hike to a nearby castle, and take a boat trip to a historic monastery located on a small island in the middle of the lake.