Rebekah Nordine is from Marietta, GA and graduated from Vanderbilt University with a B.A. in African American and Diaspora Studies and Child Studies. In 2017, she graduated from Samford University with a M.S. in Secondary Education with a concentration in Mathematics. While in school she participated in Alternative Spring Break trips, worked with Vanderbilt Prison Project, and studied abroad in Cape Town, South Africa.

After graduating, she joined Teach for America and moved to Birmingham, AL where she began teaching 7th Grade Math at Hudson K8 School in North Birmingham. Throughout her four years teaching, she also coached her school’s baseball team as well as the indoor track team. Rebekah believes that all students have the right to an excellent education as well as all of the opportunities associated with that, which is part of the reason why she’s so excited to work with SpeakFirst.
What do you like to do for fun?
I like finding different places around Alabama to hike. My dog is a fan of being outdoors, so I’ll usually bring him with me. I’m also a big Netflix binger when I have the time to fully invest in a show.
What was your most meaningful service experience and why?
My most memorable service experience happened my sophomore year of college. When I first started school, I thought I wanted to go into journalism. As I began taking classes, I realized my passion for education. My sophomore year, I was in a class called “Black Issues in Education” where I learned about a lot of the theory about the inequality of our education system. Over Spring Break, I went on an Alternative Spring Break service trip to Kansas City, Missouri where we worked at an alternative school. In the class that I was working in, 11 of the 13 students were Black males, further proving the point that Black males are significantly more likely than their White counterparts to be suspended from school. This trip is what fully pushed me into the world of education.

Name and describe a memorable place you’ve been.

While I was studying abroad in Cape Town, we took a trip along the Garden Route. The nights were my absolute favorite because our group would always go sit out on the beach and look up at the stars, which were the brightest I’d ever seen them.