Welcome to the SaveFirst Tax Training Program! Below you will find resources for trainings and for use at the tax site. If you would like additional information about training sessions or volunteering for SaveFirst, please email our SaveFirst Volunteer Coordinator:

Certification Exams

2018 IRS Basic Certification Exam

2018 IRS Advanced Certification Exam


Advanced Tax Training Materials (Alabama):

Basic Volunteer Tax Training Materials (Alabama):


Advanced Tax Training Materials (Florida)

SaveFirst (South Carolina) Advanced Tax Training Materials:

TaxWise Video Walkthroughs

IRS Certification Tests

[note: use the same email that you have listed in your volunteer account when taking these tests]

IRS Publication Resources

IRS Publication 4491 Student Training Guide

IRS Publication 4012 Volunteer Resource Guide

IRS Publication 17 Your Federal Income Tax

IRS 1040 Instructions

Internal Revenue Service

TaxWise Online Software

TaxWise is a great resource for you to learn to prepare returns correctly. When you log in to the website, your username is your last name + first initial in CAPS (e.g., Randall Smith would be SMITHR). — for filing current year tax returns — use for TRAINING purposes only

Basic Volunteer Tax Training Materials (Florida):

South Carolina

Advanced Tax Training Materials (South Carolina)

Basic Volunteer Tax Training Materials (South Carolina):


Advanced Tax Training Materials (Tennessee):

Basic Volunteer Tax Training Materials (Tennessee):