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Housing Bias and the Roots of Segregation >

Haberman, Clyde. (2016-09-19, The New York Times): In 1976, Chicago provided vouchers to African-American families to move into predominantly white suburbs. Retro Report examines what happened, and how it influences policy today.

The Atlantic

20 Years Since Welfare ‘Reform’ >

Edin, K. and Shaefer, H.L. (2016-08-22, The Atlantic): Today, across the country, welfare is—at best—a shadow of its former self. America's poorest are still dealing with the consequences of the legislation that Bill Clinton signed into law two decades ago.


So Little to Ask For: A Home >

Kristof, N. (2016-04-07, The New York Times): "The United States has 64,000 families who are homeless, including 123,000 children, and many will be permanently harmed by the experience. We have growing evidence that traumas like homelessness can flood a child's brain with a stress hormone, cortisol, and impair brain development." Nicholas Kristof, columnist for The New York Times, takes a closer look at the damaging effects of homelessness and the proposed policy that could greatly impact the nation.

The Atlantic

The End of Welfare as We Know It >

Semuels, A. (2016-04-01, The Atlantic): Alana Semuels examines the aims and the outcomes of welfare reform in the United States.

Brookings Institute

Opportunity, Responsibility, and Security >

AEI/Brookings (2015, Brookings Working Group on Poverty and Opportunity): This comprehensive report is the result of 14 months of work by 15 experts in the AEI-Brookings Working Group on Poverty and Opportunity. Its consensus plan to reduce poverty and restore the American Dream bridges the partisan divide and suggests a way forward despite the political polarization and gridlock that has paralyzed much of Washington.

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