Impact University: Stories from the Line

Migrant Work

Picturing America: Dorothea Lange – Migrant Mother, 1936 >

Dorthea Lange "introduced America to Americans" through a program established to document the lives of migrant workers during the Great Depression.

Behavioral Economics/Psychology

Rekindling Human Contact in the Digital Age >

Bornstein, D. (2015-05-08, The New York Times): "The emerging research about social isolation is sobering. Among people young and old in the United States and Britain, researchers are finding significant increases in loneliness."

Behavioral Economics

When Work Disappears >

Wilson, W.J. (Winter 1996-97 Political Science Quarterly): "For the first time in the twentieth century, most adults in many inner-city ghetto neighborhoods are not working a typical week. The disappearance of work has adversely affected not only individuals, families, and neighborhoods, but the social life of the city at large as well."

New York Times

Working, but Needing Public Assistance Anyway >

Cohen, P. (2015-04-12, The New York Times): Nearly three-quarters of the people helped by programs geared to the poor are members of a family headed by a worker, according to a new study by the Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education at the University of California.

Stories from the Line

Where is the Love? >

Kristof, N. (2013-11-27, The New York Times): New research highlights a critical problem for dialogues about poverty, inequality, and opportunity: a dearth of empathy, and a widespread acceptance of "just world" reasoning. The reality is much less clean and much more sobering.

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