Impact University: Race


What Biracial People Know >

Velasquez-Manoff, Moises. (2017-03-04, The New York Times): The research on the benefits of diversity does not bode well for our mostly white, mostly male administration.


Unequal Sentences for Blacks and Whites >

Editorial Board. (2016-12-17, The New York Times): A Florida newspaper exposes a judicial system where skin color determines time behind bars.


After High-Profile Shootings, Blacks Seek Prosecutor Seats >

Alcindor, Y. (2016-11-05, The New York Times): "Black lawyers, racial justice groups and liberal donors, led by the hedge fund billionaire George Soros, are combining forces to try to propel more African-American district attorneys into office."


When Whites Just Don’t Get It, Part 6 >

Kristof, N. (2016-04-02, The New York Times): "Why do we discriminate? The big factor isn't overt racism. Rather, it seems to be unconscious bias among whites who believe in equality but act in ways that perpetuate inequality." Nicholas Kristof examines the status of race discrimination in modern America.

Stories from the Line

Hometown >

Alan King, Sr., 37, has lived in the Frayser neighborhood of North Memphis for nearly three decades. In his own words, Alan details his troubled adolescence and how he and…

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