Impact America engages recent graduates and college students to address community needs, empowering a generation through collaborative efforts to promote change in the communities we serve.

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Impact America's Initiatives:


Imagine trying to learn your letters without your most valuable sense: sight. For some children, that sense is already failing them—and no one has noticed. FocusFirst ensures that children in urban and rural communities receive comprehensive vision care during their crucial formative years.

FocusFirst programs in: AL / TN / SC / FL / PA


Every tax season, America's hardest-working families rely on their tax refund to support their children by helping to pay down debts and put food on the table. Unfortunately, they face exorbitant, negligent, and sometimes fraudulent preparers that cost our communities millions in fees. SaveFirst provides free income tax preparation services and meaningful opportunities for savings.

SaveFirst programs in: AL / TN / SC / FL


Many of Birmingham's most talented students find their potential compromised by a lack of rigorous academic opportunities. SpeakFirst uses academic debate as a platform to support these students and guide them on a path toward excellence in college and beyond.

SpeakFirst programs in: AL


Even the brightest students need guidance when preparing for the rigors of Advanced Placement courses and college-level academics. CollegeFirst pairs talented college mentors with promising high school students to strengthen foundational concepts in preparation for the rigor of AP coursework.

CollegeFirst programs in: AL

Stories from the Line presents bold, honest and effective documentary portraits produced by Impact America Corps Members that navigate the complexities and nuance comprising the experience of millions of families struggling to rise and remain above the poverty line in America.

Stories from the Line programs in: AL / TN

Impact University

The university experience should encourage students to develop not only career skills, but also the desire—and the ability—to take responsibility for the larger community. Motivated by this imperative, this generation yearns to play a role in achieving a new vision of society: one in which our understanding of poverty empowers us to alleviate it. And one in which every individual's health, education, and potential to succeed are safeguarded.

Visit Impact University: a collection of resources, articles, podcasts, and films that illuminate real issues of poverty—and real solutions.

Join the Movement. Make an Impact.

Working with Impact America does a whole lot more than just bolster your résumé. Corps Members who serve with us gain a whole new perspective on the world. We look for talented, engaged, committed, and hard-working recent college graduates who will commit to a year of AmeriCorps service to help plan and implement Impact initiatives. You'll learn about poverty through lenses of education, health, and economics—all while making a real difference in the lives of families living in poverty. Interested? Apply and Learn More >

Impact America is an AmeriCorps Program.