Open Positions available only to Internal Candidates

Please view the Internal Position Application Portal to view open positions.  This portal requires a password to access.  For these positions, only internal candidates are eligible to apply unless you have been granted permission to apply from a staff supervisor.  If a candidate is not selected within the internal application process, these positions may be posted for external candidates to apply.

Open Positions available to all Candidates


Recruitment Manager: The Recruitment Manager coordinates the process of recruiting AmeriCorps Members for Impact America in all states we serve, including developing relationships with career offices and college campuses, representing Impact America at campus-based events, screening and interviewing potential AmeriCorps Members, and supervising the onboarding process for incoming Members.


AmeriCorps Service MemberA yearlong service and leadership position as part of our Corps Program that serves with multiple initiatives (FocusFirst, SaveFirst, SpeakFirst [AL only], Stories from the Line [TN only]) throughout the year.

SpeakFirst High School Coach: A yearlong AmeriCorps position that allows you to serve as coach, teacher, discussion leader, and mentor who guides and improves our debaters’ research, argumentation, and speaking skills.

FocusFirst Coordinator: A yearlong AmeriCorps position that focuses on implementing our multi-state vision care initiative for preschoolers.

Media Fellow: A yearlong AmeriCorps position available to creative and self-motivated individuals with training in documentary/nonfiction filmmaking who are looking for an opportunity to gain experience in visual storytelling and media production in a nonprofit setting.