What We Do

Above all, we seek a sense of possibility—that our young citizens believe in the efficacy of their actions to make a real difference, that they develop a keen sense of empathy and responsibility for those most in need, that they strive to safeguard every individual's health, well-being, and worth.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to engage recent graduates and college students to address community needs, empowering a generation through collaborative efforts to promote change in the communities we serve.

In order for our communities and institutions to thrive, we desperately need the talent, vitality, and perspective that only young people can bring. This generation of college students and recent graduates is among the most charitable in American history, with many yearning for an opportunity to make a real difference in communities of need. Impact provides that opportunity through four distinct initiatives that promote change while cultivating leadership.

2016-17 Impact America Annual Report

2018-19 Impact America Recruiting Brochure


Our Initiatives:


FocusFirst ensures that children in urban and rural communities receive comprehensive vision care during their crucial formative years.


SaveFirst provides America's hardest-working families with free tax preparation services and meaningful opportunities for savings.


SpeakFirst is engaging a generation for change serving Birmingham's middle and high school students with the opportunity to compete in academic debate and guide them on a path toward excellence in college and beyond.

At Impact, we don't believe in "entry-level." From Day 1, our Corps Members are on the ground representing us in the community and implementing every aspect of our programs. We look for talented, smart, engaged, committed, and hard-working recent college graduates who will commit to a year of AmeriCorps service to help plan and implement Impact initiatives. You'll learn about poverty through lenses of education, health, and economics—all the while making a real difference in the lives of families living in poverty.

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"The smartest – and in some ways, the scariest – decision I ever made was to take the leap to serve as an AmeriCorps member with Impact Alabama. After I graduated, I realized that no one is ever going to give me the answer sheet for how to be a successful, moral, thoughtful citizen. I came to understand that the onus is on me to seek experiences where I can learn about and gain the skills I need to support my community. Amidst the uncertainty, I knew in my gut that this would be a critical, formative experience to help me lead the kind of meaningful, valuable life I know I want – and I can say now, having completed my term of service, that my experience with Impact Alabama has not disappointed. My time with Impact Alabama has become central to the fabric of who I am and how I see the world, and I am forever grateful to this organization, the staff, and my fellow AmeriCorps members." – Linn Groft, 2011 – 2012


"It's very hard to say to your child, ‘I'm sorry I can't be there for you because I have to work; I have to pay the bills. I'll have to call you back when I have a break.' And you put them second. I hope one day, she will understand that I didn't run away, that I was there all along supporting her."

Antoinette Miller
SaveFirst Client

Impact America is an AmeriCorps Program.