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Corps Program

The Impact Corps Program is a yearlong service and leadership program designed to place talented, committed recent college graduates directly into communities we serve. Corps Members plan and execute all initiatives that operate in their state of service as well as recruit and manage the service of college students as they participate in those initiatives. You’ll learn about poverty through lenses of education, health, and economics—all the while making a real difference in the lives of families living in poverty.

“I am inspired to work for Impact because the problems Impact seeks to address are one hundred percent solvable with the dedication of motivated individuals. It is inspiring to work with other young individuals who share the drive to address these pressing issues.” Kelsey Groenke, Corps Member (2012-2015)


Impact seeks talented undergraduate and graduate student volunteers to serve with our initiatives. You can choose the initiative that most aligns with your passion and skills, and gain valuable experience while making a difference in the lives of those living in poverty. For example: FocusFirst volunteers provide free vision screenings for preschool-age children. SaveFirst volunteers prepare tax returns for low-income, working families. SpeakFirst volunteers work directly with high school and middle school students to enhance their academic performance and prepare them for debate tournaments. CollegeFirst volunteers mentor motivated high school students during a Summer Institute designed to better prepare them for the rigors of Advanced Placement courses. Learn more about volunteering with Impact. 

“These students have lofty college and career goals. Whether or not a student feels like they have the ability to be an achieving student, they actually do. They need to be told that it is in fact possible for them to fulfill all of their aspirations.” Daniel Fox, CollegeFirst Mentor

Work Study

Impact has a limited number of work study opportunities available to Alabama-based students attending The University of Alabama, UAB, Spring Hill College, and Jacksonville State University. If you qualify for work study and are interested in a placement with Impact, please email our Volunteer Coordinator.


“When students become more familiar with the realities of poverty and individuals struggling to break free of it, they begin to develop a greater sense of responsibility to take action to promote social change.” Stephen Black, President & Founder

Impact University is a collection of resources, articles, podcasts, and films that illuminate real issues of poverty—and real solutions.


We welcome gifts of any size to sustain our work. Please visit our Donate page to learn how your contribution will make a difference in the lives of those living in poverty.