Competition Format:

The trivia competition consists of three or four nine-question rounds played by all companies in the competition.  Questions will be presented to the players three at a time.  In addition to announcing the questions aloud, each team will be given an answer sheet on which the questions will be printed.  Questions will also be projected onto a big screen at the front of the ballroom.  Teams have three minutes to prepare their answers and write them on the answer sheet.  Teams will assign a point value to each of the questions, assigning five points to one question, three points to one question, and one point to one question.  Each question they answer correctly will be worth the number of points they assigned to it.  Wrong answers are not penalized.  Before the three minutes are up, teams must hand in their answer sheet to a volunteer.

If the team feels confident that they will get all three questions correct, they may choose to assign eleven total points to the three questions as a whole.  However, if they do not get all three questions right, they will not earn any points.

At the end of each nine-question round, the top five teams will be announced along with their point totals.  No other rankings will be announced during the event.

Please write legibly and with correct spelling.  Do not abbreviate.  Should your team misspell an answer, the judge’s decision as to whether to accept your answer or not is final.  If the answer to a question is a person’s name, you only need to write down the last name of the person.

Answer Challenge:

If a team wishes to challenge an answer, the presiding competition judge will determine whether that team will receive points for the answer.  The judge’s decision is final.


Should two teams have the same number of points at the end of the evening, a tiebreaker round of three questions will be held to determine the winner.  If there still exists a tie, this process will be repeated until one team remains.

Use of Technology:

Please turn OFF your cell phone and put it away for the duration of the competition.  If you must have your cell phone on for an emergency, please turn it to vibrate and leave the room should you need to take a phone call.  You will not be allowed to re-join your team until after the three-question set has concluded.

Question Topics:

Topics include current events, arts and culture, sports, science, geography, and history.  Questions are prepared by Impact America staff members and answers are validated through at least two independent sources such as the Encyclopedia Brittanica and the New York Times.

Eligible Charities:

Charities selected by each team must provide services in Alabama (for event in Birmingham) or the Greater Memphis area (for event in Memphis), be registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) entity, and focus on direct service to disadvantaged families, health, education, and/or the arts. Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, etc., are not eligible to receive awards.  Impact America reserves the right to request the selection of an alternate charity.  A grand prize contribution will be donated to each charity sponsored by the winning company in each city.  The winning charities must submit a W-9 to Impact America in order to receive the award.

Participation in this event constitutes contest participants’ full and unconditional agreement to these rules and Impact America’s decisions, which are final and binding in all matters related to the contest.

A cash bar and complimentary hors d’oeuvres will be available at each competition site throughout the evening.  Spectators are encouraged!