By expanding the scope of social and cultural voices young people access on the Web, Stories from the Line capitalizes on the new media platforms in which they invest countless hours.

Reaching out to a young, college-educated and technologically savvy audience targets the demographic most socially isolated from families living at or near the poverty line and yet most willing to change previously held views and engage in the fight against poverty.

Colleges and universities are uniquely positioned to prepare their students for the demands of 21st century citizenship.

These institutions can — and should — offer students opportunities to bridge social and cultural divides through experiences that inform their understanding of the complex reality of poverty. Educators across the country can benefit from online access to the films, teaching materials, and suggested discussion questions Impact America provides. Coupled with Stories from the Line film screenings, such discussions challenge viewers to reexamine relationships that exist within their own communities and actively seek a direct and comprehensive understanding of hidden and underlying issues that affect low-income families.

At Impact America, we have seen young people respond to the needs of their communities when given the chance to directly engage with disadvantaged populations.  Stories from the Line makes it possible for those not able to work directly with our organization to encounter the same voices through the medium of film.

The call to action felt by those at Impact America can be experienced by college students and communities nationwide.



Stories from the Line – Media Studies Program, University of Alabama at Birmingham

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