Stories from the Line (TN Corps)

Stories from the Line navigates the complexities that make up our community’s experience of poverty.  In a series of short films that combine formal interviews with intimate vérité-style scenes at home with family, at work, and at school, we depict the portraits of the specific individuals and families Impact America – Tennessee serves.  Although each sketch stands alone, taken as a whole they provide an honest reflection about poverty and community as well as a commentary on the transformational power of relationship-building.

Stories from the Line will provide an accessible introduction to individuals living at or near the poverty line and encourage a life-affirming, high-level discourse.  Impact America – Tennessee Corps Members are provided the opportunity to learn how to use film equipment and editing software.  They will identify compelling stories related to our work in the community and produce a series of authentic short films capturing those stories and developing them into meaningful narratives that can positively influence awareness and action.

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