Impact University: Financial Innovation


States Ease Interest Rate Laws That Protected Poor Borrowers >

Corkery, M. (2014-10-21, The New York Times): In recent years, lenders have come under fire in Washington, D.C. Yet one corner of the financial industry -- lending to people with poor credit scores -- has found sympathetic audiences in many state capitals.


Why Some People Love Tax Day >

The Earned Income Tax Credit has been widely hailed as the federal government's most successful anti-poverty program. It is certainly the largest -- redistributing about $60 billion from wealthier Americans to the working poor every year.

Behavioral Economics

Social Experiments to Fight Poverty >

Even our brightest innovations and most skilled executions require knowledge of human nature to fully realize. Fortunately, today we have the resources to harness our insights and more communally engage with our philanthropic efforts.

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