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Civic Engagement/ Demographics

The Opiate of Exceptionalism >

Shane, S. (2012-10-19, The New York Times): "Of their serious presidential candidates, and even of their presidents, Americans demand constant reassurance that their country, their achievements and their values are extraordinary." The New York Times reporter Scott Shane discusses American voters' expectations of optimism in the 2012 political climate.

Civic Engagement/ Demographics

Bipartisanship Isn’t for Wimps, After All >

Brooks, A. (2016-04-09, The New York Times): "The next few months are an opportunity for people who care about politics and policy. Each of us can be one part of the solution America needs to become a more pluralistic, tolerant country, in which differences are part of a competition of ideas, and not a ghastly holy war of ideologies." The New York Times contributor Arthur C. Brooks discusses the breakdown of party relations in America and how we should fight to regain political peace and cooperation.

Civic Engagement/ Demographics

Why Giving Back Isn’t Enough >

Walker, D. (2015-12-17, The New York Times): Darren Walker, President of the Ford Foundation, discusses the benefits and the shortcomings of the modern philanthropy model, saying "we each must do our part to ensure that giving not only makes us feel better, but also makes our society more just."

Civic Engagement/ Demographics

A Call for National Service >

Dionne, E.J. (2014-09-14, Washington Post): From the time the United States was founded, the act of service has been seen as an expectation for all. Retired Army General Stanley McChrystal and others are calling for universal voluntary service.

Bloomberg View

To the Class of 2013 : Resist Simplicity >

Carter, S.L. (2013-05-09, Bloomberg View): Today's world has become a difficult and often frightening place to live where people face many challenges. The current generation must look to build a better America and think for themselves.

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