Impact University: Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Educating Prisoners Gives Them — and Their Communities — a Shot at a Better Future >

King, John B. Jr. (2017-12-15, Baltimore Sun): The former U.S. Secretary of Education examines the school-to-prison pipeline using his own experiences as a student in the public school system.

Criminal Justice

Fight Club: A Miami Herald Investigation into Florida’s Juvenile Justice System >

Miller, Carol Marbin. (The Miami Herald): The Department of Juvenile Justice calls its philosophy "tough love." But a Miami Herald I-Team analysis of 10 years of seldom-seen records reveals an emphasis on the "tough."

Criminal Justice

Innocence Is Irrelevant >

Yoffe, Emily. (2017-09, The Atlantic): This is the age of the plea bargain—and millions of Americans are suffering the consequences.

Criminal Justice

Justice Springs Eternal >

Forman Jr., James (2017-03-25, The New York Times): The presidency of Donald Trump doesn't spell the end of criminal justice reform. It may just be getting started.

Criminal Justice

Don’t Lock ‘Em Up. Give ‘Em a Chance to Quit Drugs. >

Preston, Caroline. (2016-10-25, The New York Times): Seattle tries a program to reduce incarceration of addicts, and other cities begin to follow.

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