Impact University: Nonprofits/Social Entrepreneurship

New York Times

A Year of Big Ideas in Social Change >

"Rosenberg, Tina. (2016-12-06, The New York Times): "New strides in how to make doing the right thing easy were one recurring theme of the Fixes column during the year just ending."

Nonprofits/Social Entrepreneurship

Sending Potatoes to Idaho? How the Free Market Can Fight Poverty >

Mullainathan, S. (2016-10-07, The New York Times): "The experience of the food distributor Feeding America demonstrates the power of markets when they are used as a tool for fulfilling people's needs fairly."


How the Red Cross Raised Half a Billion Dollars for Haiti ­and Built Six Homes >

Elliott, J. & Sullivan, L. (2015-06-03, ProPublica): "Even as the group has publicly celebrated its work, insider accounts detail a string of failures."

New York Times

The Voluntourist’s Dilemma >

Kushner, J. (2016-03-22, The New York Times Magazine): Easing global poverty is an enormously complex task. To make so much as a dent requires hard, sustained work, and expertise. Even the experts sometimes get it wrong... If smart, dedicated professionals can fail to achieve lasting progress over a period of years, how then is an untrained vacationer supposed to do so in a matter of days?

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