Xavier knows that there are a lot of negative perceptions about his Memphis neighborhood and the people who live there.  And yes, his neighborhood has its share of problems — but there is so much good, too, that goes unrecognized. Unfortunately, he observes that when kids in his community only hear the negative stereotypes, they start to believe that those are their only options. Xavier is determined to change that. He cares deeply for these kids and hopes to provide a positive example for them through the Streets Ministries after school program, where he works part-time in addition to going to college. He knows first-hand the challenges many of these kids face – his own mother died when he was four and his father has been absent from his life. Xavier credits his mother’s accomplishments and his uncle’s example as the sources of inspiration that have driven him to go to college and to work towards a career in forensic science – and he strives to provide that same inspiration to youth in his neighborhood every day.

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