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To the Class of 2013 : Resist Simplicity >

Carter, S.L. (2013-05-09, Bloomberg View): Today's world has become a difficult and often frightening place to live where people face many challenges. The current generation must look to build a better America and think for themselves.

College Preparedness & Success

The Parenting Gap >

Reeves, R. (2013-Fall, The Democracy Journal): There is a cacophonous debate on how to reform schools, open up colleges, and widen access to pre-K learning. But too little attention is paid to another divide affecting social mobility—the parenting gap.

College Preparedness & Success

Crumbling American Dreams >

Putnam, R. (2013-08-03, The New York Times): Port Clinton, Ohio, was once the embodiment of the American dream. Now, the American dream has become a two-sided nightmare.

College Preparedness & Success

The American Dream is Leaving America >

Kristof, N. (2014-10-25, The New York Times): Throughout America, it is known that education is the road to opportunity. Although we expect each generation to do better than before, studies show this may not be the trend.

College Preparedness & Success

How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character >

Paul Tough challenges prevailing ideas about intelligence and success by drawing a contrast between the current main focus of education–cognitive skills, knowledge, and experience–and the frequently neglected value of character, persistence, self-control, and curiosity.

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