Impact University: Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Justice Springs Eternal >

Forman Jr., James (2017-03-25, The New York Times): The presidency of Donald Trump doesn't spell the end of criminal justice reform. It may just be getting started.

Criminal Justice

Don’t Lock ‘Em Up. Give ‘Em a Chance to Quit Drugs. >

Preston, Caroline. (2016-10-25, The New York Times): Seattle tries a program to reduce incarceration of addicts, and other cities begin to follow.

Criminal Justice

Unequal Sentences for Blacks and Whites >

Editorial Board. (2016-12-17, The New York Times): A Florida newspaper exposes a judicial system where skin color determines time behind bars.

Criminal Justice

After a Crime, the Price of a Second Chance >

Dewan, S. & Lehren, A. (2016-12-12, The New York Times): "A program called diversion was supposed to spare low-level offenders the ruinous consequences of a criminal record. Then money got in the way."

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