Impact University: Early Education

Early Education

Empathy, Not Expulsion, for Preschoolers at Risk >

Neufeld, S. (2015-02-20, The New York Times): "Preschoolers are expelled at three times the rate of children in kindergarten through 12th grade, with African American boys being most vulnerable." Journalist Sara Neufeld examines this surprising trend in American preschools and the increased use and effectiveness of early childhood mental health consultants across the nation.

Class Divides

The Benefits of Mixing Rich and Poor >

Kirp, D.L. (2014-05-10, The New York Times): The majority of government-funded Head Start prekindergarten programs fall short of America's education expectations. One promising solution is to widen the enrollment parameters to include not only low-income families but also middle-class families. This move has been shown to increase not only positive peer-influence on low-income preschoolers but also the amount of funding and resources a program receives.

Cycle of Poverty

A Different Approach to Breaking the Cycle of Poverty >

Semuels, A. (2014-12-24, The Atlantic): For decades the American poverty cycle has yoked together the fates of low-income parents and their children; a parent cannot keep a job if they cannot find childcare, a parent cannot afford childcare if they cannot keep a job, and a child cannot access a high-quality education in this unstable environment. The new two-generation approach utilizes these family ties to simultaneously provide free, quality preschool education to children and career and lifestyle classes to their parents.

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