Impact University: Prison Reform

Criminal Justice

Justice Springs Eternal >

Forman Jr., James (2017-03-25, The New York Times): The presidency of Donald Trump doesn't spell the end of criminal justice reform. It may just be getting started.

Criminal Justice

Don’t Lock ‘Em Up. Give ‘Em a Chance to Quit Drugs. >

Preston, Caroline. (2016-10-25, The New York Times): Seattle tries a program to reduce incarceration of addicts, and other cities begin to follow.


The Human Toll of Jail: The Jail Without Bars >

Napier, N. K. (The Human Toll of Jail, VERA Institute of Justice): "At one Idaho correctional facility, an innovative approach is built on a commitment to the site's workers and an investment in the inmates' success. The result is a jail that looks nothing like the ones you've seen on TV."

Criminal Justice

How to Lock Up Fewer People >

Cole, D. and Mauer, M. (2015-05-23, The New York Times): America's mass incarceration system requires an expansive budget but is riddled with inconsistencies and problems that call its validity into question. David Cole and Marc Mauer discuss the inefficiency of America's prison system in comparison to other Western European nations and suggest major reforms, from adjudicating sentences on a case-by-case basis to changing the federal and state prison culture and budget.

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