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Earned Income Tax Credit

PPI Report: Tax Prep Chains Target Low-Income Workers >

Weinstein, P. and Patten, B. (2016-04-14, Progressive Policy Institute): National tax preparation chains continue to exploit the working poor, many of whom spend a significant portion of a key federal anti-poverty tax credit—the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)—just to pay for filing their taxes, according to a report released today by the Progressive Policy Institute.

Behavioral Economics

Why the Rich Don’t Give to Charity >

Stern, Ken (2013-03-20, The Atlantic): The poorest citizens in the U.S. traditionally give the largest percentage of their income to charity -- even though this category of taxpayers cannot usually make use of tax deductions for charitable contributions.


Hard Cash: Predatory Lending in Alabama >

Alabama Appleseed Center (2010-10-07, Throughout Alabama many types of credit services are designed to trap consumers into financial difficulties. This fact sheet reviews predatory lending practices in Alabama.


Why Some People Love Tax Day >

The Earned Income Tax Credit has been widely hailed as the federal government's most successful anti-poverty program. It is certainly the largest -- redistributing about $60 billion from wealthier Americans to the working poor every year.

Alex H. Levy

Rein in Shady Tax Preparers >

Levy, A. (2014-04-07, The New York Times): Tax preparation -- largely unregulated -- has become a lucrative business across the country. Unfortunately, this has led to the rise of predatory paid preparers, who take advantage of low-income families.

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