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Earned Income Tax Credit

PPI Report: Tax Prep Chains Target Low-Income Workers >

Weinstein, P. and Patten, B. (2016-04-14, Progressive Policy Institute): National tax preparation chains continue to exploit the working poor, many of whom spend a significant portion of a key federal anti-poverty tax credit—the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)—just to pay for filing their taxes, according to a report released today by the Progressive Policy Institute.

Behavioral Economics

Why the Rich Don’t Give to Charity >

Stern, Ken (2013-03-20, The Atlantic): The poorest citizens in the U.S. traditionally give the largest percentage of their income to charity -- even though this category of taxpayers cannot usually make use of tax deductions for charitable contributions.


Hard Cash: Predatory Lending in Alabama >

Alabama Appleseed Center (2010-10-07, Throughout Alabama many types of credit services are designed to trap consumers into financial difficulties. This fact sheet reviews predatory lending practices in Alabama.

Economics of Poverty

Why Some People Love Tax Day >

The Earned Income Tax Credit has been widely hailed as the federal government's most successful anti-poverty program. It is certainly the largest -- redistributing about $60 billion from wealthier Americans to the working poor every year.

Alex H. Levy

Rein in Shady Tax Preparers >

Levy, A. (2014-04-07, The New York Times): Tax preparation -- largely unregulated -- has become a lucrative business across the country. Unfortunately, this has led to the rise of predatory paid preparers, who take advantage of low-income families.

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