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How Dental Inequality Hurts Americans >

Frankt, Austin (2018-02-19, The New York Times): Lack of dental care through Medicaid not only harms people's health, but has negative economic implications as well.

David Bornstein

Protecting Children from Toxic Stress >

Bornstein, David. (2013-10-30, The New York Times): "Children can be shielded from the most damaging effects of stress if their parents are taught how to respond properly."


Middle-Aged White Americans Are Dying of Despair >

Khazan, Olga. (2015-11-04, The Atlantic): Even as longevity increases across the rich world, uneducated white Americans are living sicker and dying earlier. Two economists speculate on the reasons why.

Food Stamps

How Restricting Food Stamp Choices Can Fight Obesity >

Carroll, A. (2016-09-22, The New York Times): "A study shows the potential benefits, but if the past is any guide, what's effective will nonetheless be politically unpalatable."


America’s Shocking Maternal Deaths >

The Editorial Board (2016-09-03, The New York Times): In many countries, the number of deaths during pregnancy or after childbirth has fallen sharply. The United States is a glaring exception.

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